Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What starts here changes the world

The symbol that W is making above is the University of Texas' "Hook 'em Horns!" It's kind of like a gang sign for everyone that has love for the University of Texas. At the end of every home sporting event at the University of Texas, the team salutes the crowd with this symbol as "The Eyes of Texas" is played. It's something unique to the University of Texas, and other people are jealous. If you tune in to any of the College World Series this week, you'll see plenty of hook 'ems, but you'll see plenty of fans displaying an upside-down hook 'em. They don't have their own sign, so they rip off Texas' sign instead of actually rooting for their team.

(above: Houston Nutt displaying the inverted hook 'em after his Arkansas Razorbacks beat the Texas Longhorns' football team)

Tom Landry used to say that when you score a touchdown, "Act like you've been there before." The thing is, teams get over on Texas so rarely, that they have to get so geeked when they beat Texas. They may have never done it before, and they may not do it again. So go ahead, pathetic inverted hook 'em flashers, enjoy your moment, because you know that your standard beatdown is coming next time, and probably the next ten times after that.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

WEEKEND! I live for the WEEKEND!

Daylyn and I drove off to Marble Falls this morning to pick some blackberries at the Sweet Berry Farm . Marble Falls is smack dab in the middle of the Texas Hill country, about an hour from Round Rock. The drive is beautiful, forgetting my camera was a big mistake. It was major fun scooting our Scion xA through the winding, hilly roads. We spent an hour picking and wound up with about five pounds of blackberries. My fingers got a little knicked up from the prickly blackberry bushes (or vines?), but the payoff of the forthcoming blackberry pies will make it well worth the minor discomfort.

When I was a senior in college, my dog literally ate my glasses, or at least she mangled the frames. Up to that point, I probably wore my contacts sixty percent of the time, and glasses the remaining forty percent. I haven't had glasses at all in the four years since. I've had vision coverage on my insurance that whole time, but somehow I just didn't get around to it , despite the fact that having contacts and not having glasses is a major pain (and I complained about this frequently).
I had an appointment with the eye doctor today, and the exam and the selection of glasses took all of thirty minutes. So, five to ten business days from now I will probably be sporting glasses forty percent of the time again, and that's one less thing to complain about.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Guess Who's Bizzack


It's funny. My last post, which was sometime during the Reagan administration, mentioned Gene Wojciechowski's upcoming book Cubs Nation. Tonight I actually finished that very book. I've been on a sports book kick lately, the last book I finished was Friday Night Lights. The two books, Cubs Nation and Friday Night Lights, have the same premise: guy follows around an athletic team for a whole season, witnessing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Of course, Cubs Nation was based on the 2004 Cubs season, so it was mostly ugly. Reading the book actually stressed me out, it brought back frustrating memories of a season that was so full of promise, but yet went down the drain in such a hurry. The great part about reading the book now instead of during the off-season was that I could say, "Well, there's always this year!"


I've been dissatisfied with my computer's performance for quite some time now. My finances preclude me from purchasing a new box at this time. So I did the next best thing, or quite possibly the only thing I could do to improve my ailing presario's performance. I purchased 256mb of RAM from newegg.com for the low, low price of $18.00. I then proceeded to disassemble, and install the ram all by myself. To the techno-inclined this may be as difficult to them as tying their shoes, but for me it was a venture into a world of craftsmanship that I had never approached, and I am proud of myself.


With all the zombie movies out these days, I wonder if someday the advance of cosmetic surgey will render the genre implausible. Like the corpses emerge from the cemetary to be greated by the billboard: "Undead? decayed flesh? sagging and distorted facial features? - Dr. James A. Plastic Surgeon will fix you right up!"