Monday, September 26, 2005

Sammy and Shoes

Sammy Sosa's season is over. Final batting average .221, with 14 home runs and 45RBI. I was right on the money not to give him any respect.

My wife and I bought some new running shoes this weekend. I realized that I have never had good running shoes. Every time that I run, it is with some degree of discomfort. So I went to a shoe store that actually helps you buy the shoes that are right for you, Runtex. The salesperson actually watched us walk around with our shoes off, and looked at our feet in multiple different standing positions. Apparently, I'm a severe overpronator, and my foot discomfort has stemmed from wearing shoes that are not right for my feet or my walking/running style. So thank you Runtex, you've done what no other shoe store does, actually help me with shoes instead of just being a shoe store waiter.

On a related note, here's a rant on Foot Locker: their return policy is completely bogus. I called foot locker, and the shoe waiter informed me that the shoes must be accompanied by the receipt, and in order to be returned, they cannot have been worn. Does anybody else get away with this? I understand that the margins are low, and if they took returns they would be eating almost 100% cost, but in this discounted world in which we live, what good isn't completely low margin? I thought this was the consumer age, what happened to "NO SALE IS EVER FINAL"? How are you supposed to know if you like a shoe if you cannot even wear it? "Hmm... You know, I can tell from the box, and from the look of this shoe, it is just not going to do the trick for me." Can't believable. To paraphrase Bobby Boucher's Mama, "Foot Locker is the DEVIL!" Someday somebody will stand up for the rights of shoe buyers all around America, and Foot Locker will have to update its antiquated return policy, but until that day, I will be the voice of the little man crying out to all who will listen, Foot Locker is bunk!