Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bayless at it again

I'm ashamed to say that I once agreed with Skip Bayless . Bayless totally went off on the Texas Longhorns' football team in his ESPN Page 2 article . Here's some snippets followed by my rebuttals:

"Why has the BCS formula suddenly decided Texas is slightly better than USC? The Trojans, who wield the most difficult to defend offense in NCAA history, would beat Texas by two touchdowns on a neutral field. Maybe three."

Skip, USC barely squeaked by Notre Dame, and Notre Dame's defense is ranked 97th in the country. Texas' defense is ranked 6th in the country. Do you really think that the Trojans would be able to put up more than thirty-four points on the Longhorns? Think about Skip, the 2nd most prolific offense just rolled into Austin, and they went home with their tails between their legs and only seventeen points on the board. So where is this three touchdown margin coming from Skip? USC's 44th ranked defense? More on defense...

"Ohio State couldn't recover from that loss in time to survive the dam -- or damn! -- that burst on the Buckeyes when they visited reborn Penn State. Yet Ohio State would give USC a better neutral-field test than Texas, because Ohio State has a better defense and better overall team speed than Texas"

It's true, Ohio State is ranked 3rd in total defense, and Texas is ranked 6th. So Ohio State has a slightly better defense than the Horns. But better overall team speed than Texas? I'm sure Skip took the time to track down the 40 speeds of both squads before he made this enlightened point. Yeah, right. Skip was too busy conjuring up 1980s movie and television references to mess around with actual facts.

"And that's why a USC-Texas title game would look something like when Michael Vick and Virginia Tech played Florida State for the 2000 championship. Vick made some holy-cow plays early -- as would Young. But Florida State slowly asserted its superiority and won, 46-29.

That's about what would happen to Texas against USC.

This year's Virginia Tech could keep it a little closer. Ohio State could keep it a lot closer."

Now he must just be joking with us. Could he actually believe that? And even if he does, what is he basing it on? The comparison of this Texas team with Vick's Virginia Tech team even seems a little racist to me. I guess it all just goes to show that Bayless is a tool, who will surely get his comeuppance.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Not A biSOXual

I am a Chicago Cubs fan. I hate the Chicago White Sox. I don't like Ozzie Guillen, and I didn't like Jason Bere, Jack McDowell, Tim Raines, Frank Thomas, and I especially dislike White Sox fans. A bisoxual is a Cubs fan that is cheering for the White Sox as they make their way through the 2005 MLB playoffs. I am certainly not a bisoxual.

I cannot cheer for the White Sox. I've spent days, nights, and entire summers of my life listening to Chicago sports talk radio, and one thing that I know is that White Sox fan treat Cubs fans like crap. They are more condescending to Cubs fans than any other group of people, even more so than Cardinals fans, comedians, and the mainstream sports media.

The rebuttal Cubs fans have had against the Sox fans is the fact that they haven't won anything in ages either. If they win the World Series it will totally destroy the equilibrium of Chicago baseball fandom. This cannot happen. If the Cubs can't win it, the Sox can't win it.

So, since we're Astros fans this week (and maybe next Sunday) here are two cool Astros rap songs:

Paul Wall - "They Don't Know"

Chamillionaire - "Turn It Up"

Saturday, October 22, 2005

today in college football

ESPN's College Gameday was in Austin today. The Gameday crew is in a different college town every week, so it was pretty cool to see them and be able to say "Hey, I've been right where they are!" Even so, I'm becoming dissatisfied with College Gameday. It's not them necessarily, it's me. I'm overdosing on pregame coverage. Maybe it's adult ADD, but by Saturday I'm always thinking "Let's get to the game already! Enough pregame speculation!"

I went to a pumpkin patch with my wife in Marble Falls this morning (1 hour away), so I didn't watch any 11am games, which is fine with me, because watching football from 11am to 7pm is like a full day's work of watching football. Here are my thoughts on what I did watch:

#9 Notre Dame 49 BYU 23

Last year Notre Dame had BYU finagle their schedule so that this game would happen at the very beginning of the season. Notre Dame thought that they would use BYU as a tune-up for Michigan. Sounds like a great idea, except Notre Dame fell on their face and lost to BYU. So this year Notre Dame had to know not to look past the Cougars. The only way they looked past BYU this year was in respect to their secondary, Brady Quinn looked past them all day to find Maurice Stovall and Jeff Samardzjia. Quinn absolutely torched the Cougar defense. This game has me feeling really good about Notre Dame's prospects for running the table and making it to a BCS bowl.

#5 Alabama 6 #16 Tennessee 3

I'll be honest, I didn't watch much of this one. And why would I? This game was 0-0 for a whole half. You would think that more points would be scored just by accident. But Alabama rolls on like the crimson tide that they are. Congrats to you Alabama. Plus, way to fall out of the top 25 Tennessee, right before Notre Dame really socks it to you.

#2 Texas 52 #10 Texas Tech 17

I told my wife that Texas would win this game by at least 21 points, and I was right. The Horns have done a great job this year in almost every game of making the second half meaningless. This game was hyped, the cheapest seat on for this game was $172, and I really pity the fool that bought those tickets at that price. The Rice game was about as competitive as this one, and I got tickets for that one at less than face value. The Horns took a top 10 team and just completely smacked them around. Brilliant.