Monday, June 20, 2011

BBQ Sauce?

I’ve been pretty happy with my Sony Cyber-shot WX-1 that I got a couple weeks ago to replace my broken Cyber-shot W350. I’m not much of a photographer, so I usually just let auto mode do its thing.  It seems to be pretty smart and the pictures generally turn out pretty good. This one is kind of funny, though. The auto mode thought that this was meant to be a picture of the bbq sauce bottle, so it took the shot in macro mode and left my son out of focus in the background. It wasn’t what I was hoping for at the time, but I think it actually turned out kind of cool.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Josiah’s generation thinks every screen should be a touchscreen


By the time he’s a teenager every screen probably will be a touchscreen. He just won’t need a stylus.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Cameron Park Zoo

We went to the Cameron Park Zoo in May and we had a ton of fun. I’ve been to a couple zoos, but I hadn’t been to one in years. The Cameron Park Zoo in Waco is definitely worth the trip. It’s a great value, and the layout of the zoo is great. When you live in Central Texas, the heat can be oppressive even in the spring. Cameron Park Zoo is great because there are lot of indoor exhibits sprinkled throughout the park, so you can avoid being totally overwhelmed by the heat.

I took about a half hour of video on my old Canon ZR800 before the battery gave out. I’ve never been too excited about the quality of my ZR800, but the 35x zoom really came in handy on this trip to the zoo. My only regret is I used up too much of my camera’s battery life on the exhibits at the beginning of the park. I didn’t get to take as much video as I’d like to in the African savanna, and I didn’t have any battery left for lemur island, the tiger habitat, and the Asian forest.

I rendered all of these videos except for the otter video in Windows Live Movie Maker on my Dell Studio XPS. I’ve really enjoyed Windows Live Movie Maker for uploading to youtube. I own Corel VideoStudio 12, and I’ve been evaluating Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 10. These products have some advantages over Windows Live Movie Maker, but Movie Maker is better by far when it comes to uploading to youtube.