Saturday, July 02, 2011

My first photosynth

We took the boys to see a fire engine today at Hutto Baptist Church. I had checked out Microsoft's photosynth shot a couple months ago, but I hadn't got around to taking a ton of pictures of something yet to put one together. The firemen did a fire safety presentation and as it started to drag on, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to cut out and take a ton of pictures of the fire engine for my first photosynth.

I tried to follow the advice that I remembered from the how to photosynth video. I probably walked around the fire engine three or four times, shooting overlapping shots from various angles and perspectives. I ended up taking 99 shots. Loading the photos into the photosynth tool was super easy, it just takes a while for all the photos to upload. I think it took about an hour for the whole process.

The site uses the term "synthy" to measure how well the process was able to fit all the pictures together, with a range of 0-100% synthy. My photosynth came out at 76% synthy. I saw a lot of photosynths on the site at 100% and they looked pretty great. At the same time, I saw a number of photosynths below 50% and they weren't so special. I was kind of disappointed with this one, I was hoping it would have more of a 3D effect. After reviewing the how to video, I think my problems were not taking enough overlapping wide angle shots, and the fact the subject was very shiny and not particularly textured. Even though it isn't perfect, it was still a fun experiment.

The boys also had a ton of fun checking out the fire engine, so it made for a pretty good morning.

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